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ChainBLX General

Chain BLX is a community of individuals and organizations creating access for themselves and others to the world’s liquidity in a single decentralized and secure global marketplace. The community is improving blockchain technology through goal-oriented innovation that is financially rewarding to everyone. The end goal is to provide service to any individual, organization, or government looking to buy, sell, or trade any asset or currency.

Cryptocurrency Value

What is the value of Cryptocurrencies. Asset based vs. non asset based.

Site Feedback

This forum was just created Jan 28. 2018. Thus Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it, is important.

Miner Info

Here we will update the Mining community about Chain BLX.

Stock and Foreign Exchange Market

Here you can discuss, speculate and inform about financial performance of any stock, or currency.

Interesting ICOs and IPOs

Here you can discuss and exchange information about ICOs and IPOs