About the ChainBLX General category


Chain BLX is a community of individuals and organizations creating access for themselves and others to the world’s liquidity in a single decentralized and secure global marketplace. The community is improving blockchain technology through goal-oriented innovation that is financially rewarding to everyone. The end goal is to provide service to any individual, organization, or government looking to buy, sell, or trade any asset or currency.

Limited accessibility to the world’s traditional liquidity markets is hindering individual and organizational freedoms and development. Current markets are broken up into many centralized, expensive, and heavily regulated markets around the world that are highly dependent on humans. In addition, many valuable assets are difficult to liquidate in traditional markets. The result is that contemporary liquidity markets are expensive, slow, volatile, and accessible only to a few gatekeepers.

BLX uses decentralized blockchain technology to improve access to liquidity and record keeping. The result is universal access to the global liquidity pool, minimized costs barriers, and improved security. Our marketplace is always open and directly accessible to any individual or organization. Any asset can be bought or sold, from digital stock or currency certificates to digital keys (e.g. music, movie, and software downloads, etc.). Record keeping is automated and unassailable, and the only fee is a maximum 0.25% of a transaction’s value charged to each party to a transaction.