Achieving scalability by generalization of Satoshi's chain


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A protocol called ‘PHANTOM’ building on SPECTRE, which deviates from bitcoin’s common block structure with more scalable “directed acyclic graphs of blocks”(blockDAGs).
Unlike off-chain solutions such as the Lightning Network, where transactions are conducted on a separate layer, Phantom proposes an on-chain means of achieving scalability.

blockDAGs- PHANTOM blockchain protocol

Scalability of BlockChain - CHAInBLX



Hmmm. I’ll definitely read this later. Appreciate the post.


Looks like speed of confirmation is sacrificed to achieve their goal in Phantom protocol. Unfortunately, another factor is always sacrificed when trying to fix another issue in blockchain.


there’s got to be an answer to the trifecta


I like it.


speed is always the major part of the equation of satoshi.the more accountability of its origin you want, the longer it becomes.imagine trying to track the history of every single dollar bill minted.


Well this is why no one has yet achieved having a blockchain that covers scalability, decentralization, and security. They can only achieve at the most, 2 of those.