Agricultural assets digitizing on blockchain


agricultural products and lands are valuable assets and if they are tokenized on blockchain there would be a trillions of market in demand. chainBLX have a vision regarding digital assets that can disrupt every business and huge market belonging to agriculture and farmers.currently farmers facing various problems regarding credit facilities and that can be easily solved by digitizing their lands and products.
community are requested to join on this topic and please mention their individual ideas and suggestions based on revolution.please come on to build chainBLX best in this time and a strong community.


Thank you very good thought


@blx They want to make also derivatives possible why not split up land and issue a derivative for the

Put on grain, call on land lease and hold on land


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thanks community for intention on agricultural assets.
this may be best innovative idea because of valuable land and its


good idea for resilient digital assets to form a agricultural market which have potential to emerging market of trilions globally.


There is already derivatives on yield/lack of yield- though I don’t see it getting as granular (yet.), and a lot of agricultural products are subsidized by the govt.

Might be interesting to block chaining the carbon credit derivative to each lb of grain produced; then being able to sell that derivative as either a pass along (to buyer) or sold to market (i.e. ford/GM/ etc).

What is also interesting is from a federal level if they started adding penalities if you exceed your carbon consumption. They already do that with the car guzzler tax. Could you imagine the revenue the govt could gain from you for eating a cheese burger?


agreed and it helps people to access liquidity where no bank goes.

Yeah, digital contracts will make it possible and keep us healthy too. :sunny:

Dubai is looking to blockchain a lot of their government functions.


Not everything has to be block chained.


Correct, but there is no denying that blockchain could possible help a lot of businesses, if adopted properly of course.


Nothing ever has to be, just like there doesn’t need to be a derivative for everything. But if there’s money to be made, and something to gamble on, someone will. I once witnessed mcnugget sauce cubes being used for some gambling process. And yes, more than one person played.


Haha now that seems like fun!


but mostly industries will adopt blockchain in near future.
blockchain is biggest demand for upcoming future.


Blockchains are good for some purposes, but they area really inefficient databases. Just saying use the right tool where needed.


blockchain is revolutionizing the way we deal or transact.
it breaks barriers or restrictions to expand our business globally.
it solves credit problems regarding takeoff startups to success.
blockchain businesses are community-driven businesses having trustful environment.


@blx I agree for decentralized blockchain technology, just with in an organization it may not always be a good idea.


on the way all about our discussions, suggestions or ideas we are going towards a better business solutions and a better world to communicate.
all are welcome for a better and better thought which may be analyses for its potential to involve in revolution.


Very good comments on this discussion. Thanks for starting this topic @blx The derivate building function will give small farm owners a lot of possibilities, especially for ambient friendly farming and the traceability of the product.


if we assume small farmers mechanism in agriculture, then they have deficiency of advance tools and modern farm mechanism. there is huge demand for development by integrating small farmers globally.