ChainBLX launch at digital.davos


We are getting closer and closer to our launch date and our excitement only grows the closer we get to it!

ChainBLX will launch during the event digital.davos, taking place in Davos, CH from January 22-25, 2019.
digital.davos is an event created by Stromback Group, a group which has made events in Davos over the last 10+ years and has a track record of over 50+ events for Heads of State, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

The event will feature main speakers, panel discussions, round table discussions, open forums and of course the amazing opportunity to be around and speak to some of the most influential people in the world.

We invite you to join our Telegram link to stay up to date on everything ChainBLX before, during, and after the upcoming launch.

Telegram link

Whitepaper Accreditation on Chainblx

Outstanding! Congrats to everyone at ChainBLX.


This is probably clueless but what’s Telegram?


Telegram is like WhatsApp but has better group functions for this type of thing. You can download it here:


@BigDippr thanks


Looking forward to finding out more about the chainblx platform. I remember a thread on this forum a while back, can’t find it now, that discussed possible features and it looked pretty ground-breaking.


Yes but it was focused on tokenized securities. At the moment it looks like the whitepaper accreditation will be the first thing to roll out with more to follow.


This might be the thread you’re referring thinking of:


Going in and out of stocks, directly to crypto with no fiat conversion would be pretty sweet


This is on the list of future chainblx features. The launch appears to be focused on the bounty-incentivized white paper vetting platform


And they are working on scalability


Where are the Davos events specifically?


There is an announcement on the Telegram link:

“The blockchain- and AI- focused global event takes place at Promenade 69, the prime location in Davos-CH, starting January, 21 until January, 25 2019.”


Anything that will speed up transaction times and reduces the energy required will be the biggest step toward mass adoption. Their approach is interesting, and I agree that centralizing some tasks makes sense.


What’s the situation on being granted entry?


Check the Telegram link above. Access is via invite, white badge, Digital Davos pin, or if you’re a guest speaker.


The agenda has been posted on another thread here:


Launch is today looking forward


First feature appears to be a peer-review platform for whitepapers. Not sure how it works though


It’s a bounty-motivated review platform for whitepapers.