1. Intoduction

* About ChainBLX

* miner info

* Karl Seelig (founder)

* ChainBLX debuted decentralized blockchain project

2. Digital certification transaction protocol


* escrow fund certificate

* cashier functionality

* clearing and matching in the system ChainBLX

3. Blockchain innovation ChainBLX

* new consensus algorithm and subchains

* news blockchain

* ChainBLX innovation in PR

* bounty hunters over fake news

I'm Finally Figuring it Out

Ok…just now getting a clear picture of what chainblx is going to actually be. They haven’t issued a white paper so this has all been a bit vague until now. I’ve cobbled it together from three primary sources.

  1. The Enterprise Times Article

  2. The survey post on this forum that lists all their planned services What will you be using

  3. The post on this forum that explains their blockchain innovations Scalability of BlockChain - CHAInBLX

The only info I can find on the executive team is the CEO Karl Selig speaking at the World Economic Forum

All in all it looks like a major new platform with one-of-a-kind services. I’m definitely hanging onto the tokens I got from the airdrops :wink:


thanks @ratatat this helps. I hadn’s seen that video before either


:v: thumbs up


@billyshears that’s not your thumb man :rofl:

A lot of this is Waaaay too technical but bottom line for me that I have significant holdings in cryptos (I’m up overall) and these tools will give me lots of ways to move, hedge, and maximize value. It’s becoming a full time job managing it so hopefully this will make it a lot easier.

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Thanks @blx for the outline. Great to have all the info in one place


Nice work, makes it easier for all to read.


it will be more convenient for a new user to just overview ChainBLX and involving community discussions.


thank @blx I hope they keep this pinned for a while. great resource


Yes we will do so