Could Blockchain Solve the Irish Border Brexit Issue


UK’s Finance Minister has suggest that the complex issue of the Irish land border could possibly be remedied with blockchian. But how?


He was just suggesting that new tracking and categorizing technologies could possibly help remedy the situation. It seems logical that blockchain could be applied, but the writer of the article is basically saying no way.


yeah completely writing off blockchain tech as a part of the solution is ridiculous. I can imagine that products could be moved across an ‘open’ border, but have a smart contract attached which assures that the products end up where they are supposed to.


Tracking goods across international borders sounds like a perfect application for blockchain, yet the writer of that article is saying that the mere, general, suggestion by Phillip Hammond is ludicrous. I think it’s the other way around.


This seems like the perfect way to move goods across the border without a physical inspection.


This is good in theory but might be impossible to implement. And open border with Northern Ireland means more than just goods flowing through. It is also people. And any checkpoints are going to cause problems like before.