Cryptos Proving to Be 'Safe Harbor'


Looks like in times of uncertainty people are moving to cryptos as much as gold. This thing is here to stay folks:


I agree that they are here to stay but also think that they have to evolve to survive.


With things unfortunately getting more and more unstable in the middle east, and fiat value plummeting, we’re going to see serious movement into crypto currencies. This is a good time to buy in my view.


It IS a good time to buy if you are into short-term speculation, but I wouldn’t go long on BTC or any cryptocurrenies in their current form


Well I know one thing: I just went to Europe on business. I took money out of the ATM and by the time I got hit with the international fees and the bad exchange rate, I lost about 10%… ouch! If I could have paid with BTC I would have done it in a second. As people travel more (round trip NY to London $199 ?!?) cryptos are going to be THE thing. BUT they have to be usable and BTC is not


There is a new app that shows business that accept digital currencies and they are crowdsourcing the info. It will help but I know what you mean it’s still not all that usedful as a currency


International travel is a the key to wider adoptoin (i.e. mainstream use) but I think it’s a looong way off. It difficult to even use a credit card in most European restaurants and pubs… let alone cryptos. BUT maybe big chains like gas stations and grocery stores would adopt it if it was run through their current credit card infrastructure.


Thanks I’ll check it out

it’s a bit like paying with phones, which honestly has never really caught on anywhere except Asia, and I have no idea why because it is really convenient.


uh what are you talking about, to into any starbucks in NY or LA and everyone is paying with their phone


There are other places in the world besides Starbucks. You have confirmed my point. Paying by phones, like paying with crypto, has not been widely adopted in the US. It may some day, but not yet.


There are also other places in the world besides NY and LA :rofl:

I bet that paying in cypto with phones will one day be a reality but we are years away from it. Carrying around cash and paying ATM fees is just such a pain.


Thank you I am aware of this fact. I was, however, simply attempting to illustrate that people DO in fact use their phones’ payment features, and a segue into using a phone to pay with Bitcoin is a natural fit.