Description of BLX-MF ChainBLX


Each transaction on the blockchain comes with a maximum 0.25% (a quarter percentage point) fee. This fee must be present in any digital contract, and must be attributed to the public key of the Digital Management Fund (defined below). If this fee is not present, transactions cannot be recorded within the blockchain. The Digital Management Fund is an account public key that is required to create valid hashes within the blockchain, and collects the fee from both sides of each transaction.

Profits of the management fund will be distributed amongst the holders of the underlying digital certificates of the management fund (i.e., people and institutions that contribute their computer power to the blockchain to keep the ledger updated).

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The Big difference, it is not just another cryptocurrency - but real value

BLX financial performance is reflected within the financial performance of the BLX-MF.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies the value of a BLX-MF is not only based in the scarcity of the coin itself (used as payment methods), but also in the fact that the BLX-MF possesses a steadily increasing amount of real underlying assets (e.g. digital certificates from real world commodities, stocks and currency ownership rights), thereby boosting the value of the certificate through additional leverages. This combined with the possibility of dividend payments in fiat currencies, and the fact that BLX-MF is the necessary payment method to participate in the system, makes an ownership of a BLX-MF more valuable over traditional initial coin offerings.

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