Digital content trading is waiting for its debut


digital contents are the energy capsules for internet and every specific digital data and their ownership or copyright can be recorded on blockchain using smartcontracts.
now trading of these digital contents using blockchain may be some interesting impact on blockchain industry. assume we can buy a music along with its copyright and then makes revenue belongs to it. there may be huge volatility concerns as film producers bet on a story. in digital content market film industries including hollywood may enter to trade their digital content assets which can be split into tiny fractions so that individual trader can buy some tiny amount of high valuable digital asset just like a hollywood movie.
so there is no limit for expanding digital content market and there is trillions of market waiting for kinetic motion.


this will be revolutionary for intellectual property in general. Great to know that in the future creators will receive the funds that they have rightfully earned.


This is the last step: Monetization. The new world has democracized the creation of media. It used to be so exclusive, in that the resources required to produce and distribute the media were enormous. We’ve seen more and more examples now of how “anyone can do it”. Now getting paid reliably would be the final step. Hope this happens


interesting @blx question: I make really high-end ceramics (vases, bowls, etc) and sell them at various events and on a website (sorry can’t post a link here :blush:) Is there any way that this could change the way I do things in the future? I mean how could it apply to objects as opposed to digital media?


@karlBLX is blockchain can make a way for @jenny question?


@jenny my guess it would apply mostly to digital media. But maybe the authenticity of your pieces could be verifiable with this tech.