Digital.davos agenda


digital.davos will take place January 22-25, 2019 in Davos, CH.

Situated at the location that Consensys had last year, digital.davos will be host of multiple events in a relaxed environment where like-minded people will have the opportunity to participate in events specially curated for participants to share freely and connect in an authentic yet relaxed manner.

Below you will see the provisional agenda.

ChainBLX launch at digital.davos

Looks amazing wish I could be there. Good luck!


Speaker bios just went up on the Telegram link:


Best wishes to everyone at ChainBLX for a terrific launch in Davos!


Things are underway. Amazing location


A great day one!


And a great day three – already! Looking forward to tomorrow.


What a week. Sincere thanks to everyone at chainblx for a terrific event.


The discussion will be vital on how to make ChainBLX the best platform which will be helpful,trusted with high reputation.