Free tokens for early members?


Look forward to updates soon.


I didnt miss the free promo did I? I just checked into social moments ago.


I can’t wait t get started! I want my free tokens already


Can’t wait to get started!


I buy the idea. ChainBLX is advocating for an asset based cryptocurrency


Free tokens? Santa is that you?


Hey everybody, when and how do we get the free tokens?


This seems crazy but I have seen that other companies give free stuff for attending seminars or other forms of participation. It seems well thought out and once it starts rolling, we will better understand it than some of us do now.


Free coins! Yay
That’s rather exciting


Really excited to participate!


This is wonderful. Can anyone suggest a wallet for me?


Oh I’m in! Let’s get started!


I’m excited! Can’t wait to try this out.


thought i’d missed it! I’m ready for my free tokens


this is so interesting to see launching this type of revolutionary platform which have potential to disrupt trillions of market.


great thing to be happen in blockchain revolution.


I’m glad that energy consumption is being considered. I think that will improve the long-term viability of this cryptocurrency.


free tokens for early members.
now time is leaving out…


energy consuption to mine any token have a great impact on miners community so energy efficient mining will make token advance to mine.


Did I miss the promotion? If I did, can whoever provide a link to where it was announced?