Free tokens for early members?


no you did not we will post later on today. Pls see comment below

ChainBLX is on Pacific Time


Is it free token time already!!!?? I’m ready!


Is it time yet?! My holiday weekend already started now sooooooo can we get started!?


I made sure to put a notification, I’m very forgetful :sweat_smile: . Is it time yet?!


I have plans later, let’s just start now! :grin:


I volunteer to be given @harv tokens if he is gone before we get started lol jk.


For the free token info pls follow link


all things are going to be right.
all are most welcome.
all the best.


So with this offering, we can possibly get a total of 4 coins. Nice!


So then where will our tokens be placed? Will they be on hold till we get a wallet?


A couple of sentences before the disclaimer part states that the tokens will be held for us till their system goes live and we can then convert them. So it seems like we don’t need a wallet yet.
I recommend already looking into some though.


I want my tokens and I want them now! At least if they screw it up, I have my digital key and its mine to keep stored for ever. :zipper_mouth_face::exploding_head::angry:


I would have liked more tokens just double up on inflation already.


Sunday at noon!!!?? Why?!?!?! I might have to step out of mass or pretend I’m emailing Jesus since I’ll be at church lol.


Do we have a count of the growing members? I expect a daily increase in memberships…


@jimmyjohnsubs Our community is fairly new less than 2 weeks old, therefore we see not so many views yet, but the amount of users is increasing every hour as expected. We will see many new members this Sunday during the promotion, but we kept the allotments high enough so every one should get the token.


Cool, thanks for sharing the info.


ChainBLX Tokens can’t wait for the conversion to Coins.


That’s a neat map. Is it showing the membership?


Hi everyone, I look forward to seeing how this all plays out!