Free tokens for early members?


It’s almost time!


36 minutes to go.


We will put the link up in 15 min. Please be aware that the confirmation email will be send with in 24 hours later.


I’m waaaaaaaaiting… :slight_smile:


The link is up : link removed This Free Give away is finished


I just subscribed :slight_smile:


Boom, DONE!


just finished, give me my coins!


I’m in. hey @karlBLX what city r u located in?


done, can’t wait to get my tokens


All done, thank you Karl and team.


Looks like you made it bud, @harv ! I’m all signed up too!


Easy enough. Done in less than a minute.


Alright! That was a breeze.


That was fast, I did not get any notification email yet.


Thanks every one for participating. We saw a lot of people from Europe and Asian countries trying to sign up. Hence, the next promo will be moved to 9 am (GMT) on Wednesday February 21. 2018.


@karlBLX (1am PST/4am EST) on Feb 21? Geez…
But thanks for this promotion, glad I was able to sign up for 1.


We will let the giveaway run until 6 PM (GMT) = ( 9 am EST) Also when the tokens are limited we expect that there will be sufficient available.


Thats good news , thank you


woops. Missed it. Oh well!