Goldman Sachs Getting Into Crypto


Is this a good thing overall, or will big institutions kill crypto on purpose?


Its hard to see how big business would use this to their benefit. I mean one of the perks of crypto is not having to go through the outdated banking system.


exactly, seems like the only reason they would want to get into it is to snuff it out.


wider adoption for payments maybe, but there are so many barriers to that with this generation of cryptos 1.0


Now NASDAQ is open to being a crypto exchange. Maybe this has something to do with it:|twitter&par=sharebar


They’re testing the waters. They don’t want to miss out but at the same time they are wary of diving into something as new and disruptive as crypto and blockchain.


Yeah blockchain and cryptos are moving so fast I don’t think any one entity really knows what’s coming. The best thing companies can do is stay agile and adapt like light speed.


Here’s a video released today on Goldman’s intentions in crypto:


And here’s more news. Watch for Digital Securities Products from Wall Street. They are coming:


I am having a hard time imagining what a ‘digital security product’ would be?? I don’t think many people are going to switch their 401k to bitcoin :rofl:



Goldman Sachs appear to be changing their mind:


Nonsense, Goldman Sachs is leading Wall Street’s assimilation of crypto securities and has not wavered for an instant. The CEO spoke out in favor of cryptos just a few weeks ago