Google is banning ICO ads


More and more social networks and search engine are banning ICO ads and for good reasons. This underlines the importance of ChainBLX proposed regulated platform.


It’s looking more and more like reasonable regulation is in the works. Overall it will be a good thing


I think Google has far too much power over what we do and don’t have access to. I think they should serve all ads that are legal and let the buyer beware.

We live in a country where everything is either mandated or banned. We have fewer and fewer free choices to make every day.

I don’t need Google or anyone else holding my hand as I navigate my way though life.


** Bitcoin is losing its lustre now **
Banning bitcoin mining in a New York city
Bitcoin mining cost in some regions is more than its value


We all have to have respect to the world resources, and electricity is one of them. POW consensus algrithm is just not economical not feasible. The economical impact is just to high. In addition the different electricity cost go against true diversification of the mining community, which is necessary for a truly decentralized blockchain.


For Google it may be just a mere cost calculation. ICO- ads are really not so much income for google and the potential of a lawsuit may be costing more than its worth for them ( because some demographics can be targeted specifically ).

But @Chelle you have a good point. When Google starts to regulate this kind of ads to save-grade consumers, is google not obligated to regulate all ads? With this action google may give consumers the false impression that google makes sure that all ad content is trust worthy.

Therefore ChainBLX wants to create a well informed community. In our trading system we will put save grads for consumers and enterprises alike.

Our believe is that information and a vigilant community is the best way to fight fraud. Probably google should implement a bounty system for ads as ChainBLX suggests for its new blockchain.


Twitter is still doing it.


First innovation is always fought by the powerful companies. Why to change any thing when you are on the top. No change no risk.

Second if something is not invented by them how can it be good?

Outside ideas and innovation is not only based upon a bad idea, but also dangerous, and has to be stopped at once.


A lot of scam


In the ICO market we as a community have to develop better tools to monitor ourself. This is necessary and would be welcomed from regulators as well. If we don’t start to actively work on this problem the govermments will put more regulations on ICOs. It would be better if we as a community would take the lead and help to shape future regulations so that they make sense.


@BullBear_ChainBLX On this forum’s “fake news” thread, I just posted a link to an article about the rising call to use blockchain to combat fake news. I just wonder if this same concept could be used to weed out sketchy ICO’s. Maybe a similar bounty system?


@bitchcoin not anymore, Twitter has just banned all ads for ICOs and anything else to do with cryptos


Twitter bans all ICO ads and other related companies can only advertise if they are already big. This is the end of a free market.


Maybe Twitter and Bitcoin are teaming up to corner the market?


That’s not really possible bitcoin is millions of people. @bitchcoin you are right it’s the end of the free market for ico’s etc


It seems disturbing when regulations are done only in favor of some, by silencing the others, but in the same way all social medias have the right to decide their own rules.


Good for the consumer but ultimately bad for the businesses. Any time you plan on investing in something, there should be lots of research done before you do so. Keep your money tight!

This will keep the big companies established ICOs on top while no other one will rise as quickly as those did. Unfair yet there seems to be something right about it no? Or is it just me that thinks that?


You will still be able to choose which ICO you invest in, that is not changing but you will no longer see ads for New or smaller ICOs in sites you use daily. That brings down the amount of people that will learn of new/smaller ICOs and try to join. Ultimately leaving only the established ICOs to choose from. So yeah, it is unfair.


Looks like too much regulation.
I agree with @Chelle, we deserve the right to make our own choice in what we want to access or not.