How to tell if an ICO is credible?


Here’s something I’ve been wondering: How can you avoid the ‘junk stocks’ of the ICOs? In other words, how can you tell the difference between quality ICOs with a real future, and scammers who just pump and dump? Are there any tell-tale signs to look out for? I think that a lot of ICOs are probably a great opportunity, but sorting through the junk is difficult.


You’re right in that there are big differences between ICOs but there are some things that you can do to make sure you are buying into a legitimate company Google the corporate info such as the names the execs. This can give you an idea of what they do and how experiences they are. Also check for the company’s date of incorporation.


thanks MX… Ok so as an ICO chainblx gave us some ‘tokens’ but I’m not really sure what to do with them. They were free so it’s not like I’m going to lose anything, but I just wonder if it’s for real or what


Yeah to make sure it’s a quality ICO you have to do some homework. Its not easy but it’s worth it if you are going to invest. Definitely read whitepaper about the company then check team, then make decision.


Yep you can tell from the website. The first thing you need to look into is the track record of the development team and advisors.


Thanks all I’m going to do more research. Getting the tokens from chainblx was pretty easy though, I entered my email address and that was it. hey… why not?? I assume they will let us know how to get the free coins, and then I’ll buy a car in a year :slight_smile: LOL hopefully


Most ico’s give you coins / tokens and can eventually be exchanged for real currency.
As the others said, you should read up and research carefully, especially with ico’s where the tokens are not free, I would double check my research. If you’re curious I’d just google chainblx and see what comes up.


yes exactly. A lot of ICO do a free coin or token offering of some kind. It is usually referred to as an airdrop and the companies can simply create coins to give away. I think they do this for promotional purposes, but most people most likely end up just cashing in their airdrop tokens.

But just be aware of the types of info they ask you for. I have heard of airdrops where they ask for very detailed personal info, which I don’t think I would do. To get the chainblx coins they just asked for an email address, pretty harmless.


This is a very important discussion. And we all can not stress enough how important it is to research every token offering by your own. Not trusting rumors but relaible sources.


Seeing that ChainBLX will offer stock certificates etc, there will also a be need for quality news and info. Especially when there are new ICO’s. Is there some way that the ChainBLX platform will evaluate the quality of new ICO’s, or will it just be an ordinary forum? If someone can elaborate on this, would be most appreciated. Thanks!


Research, research, research! Go in depth, find multiple pieces of information that confirm that the ICO is legit.


Yes, we are working on an informational blockchain, where news about ICOs and firms where digital certificates are traded, is entered. We use blockchain technology for this so that the source and modification of the news can be traced to its origin.


using blockchain for a news provenance to news modification and so on be really great work for genuineness of news origin. tracking news makes senses regarding business firms and ICOs of startups. it will be really interesting to see a news tracking blockchain platform.


This will be in hopes of reducing fake news right. Interesting, I hope to read more about this soon.

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I like that chainblx doesn’t have an ICO right now. The open discussion will help everyone to be informed .
I hope I see github info!