Investing: Blockchain = Good, BTC = Bad?


An interesting article suggesting that professional investors are more interested in backing Blockchain tech in general, as opposed to playing the crypto market:


Naw if I don’t make 40% per day I’m pissed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


in the end cyptos will be a currency and not a commodity. Blockchain tech on the other hand will be a tangible industry like semiconductors.


There have always been different types of investors, it just depends on what your goals and risk tolerance are.


Do you want to own the race track or the horses?




you probably joking but this mentality has been a big problem people are losing their shirts. Around 1850 in the California gold rush the ones who got rich were the ones selling mining equipment


For investing its all about AI and Blockchain. Cryptos are great if you get in early but they will be a currency not a commodity. But arbitrage will always be there if you need a rush :star_struck:


not true!! people are still making money with bitcoin it’s all about knowing how to buy and sell


People make money in Vegas too, but it’s only a few pros


Companies innovating with blockchain are the way to go. Speculation on the value of coins is not a viable investment unless the deck is stacked.


I believe ChainBLX is right in stating that Bitcoin is the gateway to other things. Bitcoin has always been hesitant to innovation, which is why it will serve as only the introducer of Blockchain technology and will serve as the blueprint for future crypto currencies.


right its cryptocurrency 1.0
The next generation of cryptos is the one to watch