Making decentralized cricket community


there is no shortage of cricket fans all around the world and a huge market for advertisers. so can we make a digital token that may be valuable for cricketers,advertisers as well as fans.
we can make a business model on the top of cricket. please share your ideas regarding this, can we make a parallel decentralized cricket community that will be much better and more beneficial than a centralized community.
please share and generalise this idea.


we can make a decentralized platform by combining some popular games.
larger the audience greater the success.


With computer games it’s easy. Games can sell items like avatar or similar items directly with a download key and save big on transactions.

With “real” sports game Ticket sales etc.

The real innovation would be turning season tickets or live time memberships of golf courses in commodities. (Time share season tickets lol)

But you may be on to something gamefication of blockchains. E.g. Creating a digital rare commodity for a game which can be acquired and sold. People like to collect stamps, why not the avatar (access key) which won league of legends.


Cricket is hugely popular in India of course, so maybe look at how blockchain and crypto payments could be of use to Indian consumers. If we identify the need, then maybe we can tie it into cricket somehow


Well cricket is also a huge sport here in the UK. I’d say make a betting system, but that’s not what you’re looking for I know.


yes but you could attach the value of an offering to the success of a team. If the team wins the token is worth 4 Big Macs. probably not Big Macs in India but you get the idea


@jenny f’ing hilarious


@jenny I think you have the right idea because Blockchain allows contracts to be coded in so that if a team wins the token has a different value than if it loses.


we may integrate a subchain digital certificate on ChainBLX which can offers to players, organizers or volunteers to participate so on and involving a consumer base of advertisers, broadcasters and fans.
There are estimated millions of cricketers having 100 millions of cricket fans only in india which needing a economic platform due to huge competitive log in professional cricket.


This idea is just the kind of thing that will work. India and other developing countries may hold the best opportunities for blockchain;:


One of the most exciting capabilities of blockchain and cryptos, that not a lot of people talk about, is the ability to program payments to be used only for specific things. So in this way for example, cash aid given to a developing country could be programmed to only buy food or medicine, and it would be impossible for the leaders to divert it to buy weapons or villas.


Imagine how much more likely people will be to donate if they know their charitable gift will actually go to those in need. There have been so many time when I was asked to donate to a worthy cause, and the single reason that I did not was that I doubted the funds would ever reach the people for whom they would be intended.


we are here not only to see blockchain but to integrate it with AI&VR to make a complete solution to audience at home.
we can enhance 360VR just as #googlespotlight testing around.
we can make it possible to watch a sports match at home with reality as in stadium itsrlf.
we may integrate this idea to a real world as we engage to support and revolutionize tech in the field of sports fans.
please come here and suggest few game changing ideas to future revolution.


Watching sports in VR will be amazing. The group function of “going to a game with a friend” will be fun… like X-box Live. And the betting possibilities are also endless


It would be cool to be able to go to the Superbowl with a friend who lives far away, and sit on the 50 yard line in $30k seats… all with VR


I am a big Dodgers fan but I live in Belgium. If I would watch Dodger games, and also interact with other Dodger fans in Belgium, it would really be a great experience. I guess I’m saying there could be a networking component to watching sports teams that you love.


The thing that bothers me about VR is that it cuts you off from the people around you. You can’t see or hear the person sitting right next to you. But if VR has this social element that you are describing, then it could be a great way to bring people together.


This is a big question: Will VR bring people together or isolate them? Its the question facing all social media actually.




:joy: exactly! How we each choose to use VR technology will determine whether it enhances human interaction, or diminishes it. It’s a bit like a bar. You can drink with friends, or sit in a corner by yourself. Your choice.