News BlockChain for ChainBLX


A lot of Uber drivers are very educated people and just want to make some extra cash. To be a news Bounty-Hunters will be attractive for students as well as retired people. The best is that it’s interesting, fosters critical thinking and will make money. Three things essential to be motivated to do a good job. Hence, the reward is not only the money but todo something what matters.


forums have communities and moderators to help thin out the fake/incorrect postings. i’m more interested in fake news being combated as there is no one currently doing so.


Looks like the idea of blockchain to combat fake news is gaining traction:

As far as I know ChainBLX was the first to propose this.


Next round of elections are coming up.


It looks like Google is already working on combating fake news.


I knew the Wikipedia founder made a site to combat fake news but it did not involve Blockchain. Using Blockchain for fake news comes from here, I didn’t see anyone else think of that; could have missed it though.


They should combine forces, together they would be at the forefront of the battle against fake news.


Probably more Facebook

The hunt for data abusers begins. On the same day Zuckerberg is facing lawmakers in Washington, D.C., Facebook has launched a Data Abuse Bounty “to reward people who report any misuse of data by app developers,” according to a company blog post by Facebook’s head of product security Collin Greene. The reward for correctly reporting a culprit is up to $40,000. The program will reward those with “first-hand knowledge and proof of cases where a Facebook platform app collects and transfers people’s data to another party to be sold, stolen or used for scams or political influence,” the post says.

Whether or not your brand collects or uses Facebook data, it’s probably a good idea to read up on GDPR basics on the GDPR website if you are unfamiliar. It may also be worth getting a group of executives in a room to field questions and concerns or discuss appointing a data protection officer (as suggested by the website FAQ). While the specifics around how GDPR will affect U.S. brands are yet unknown, one thing is certain: Brands will rely heavily on professional communicators to keep stakeholders, audiences and customers aware of how their data is being used—and protect them, should Dog the Data Abuse Bounty Hunter show up on their doorstep.


anyone have an update on the chianblx new blockchain? My daughter is doing a paper for a journalism class on possible solutions to fake news.


there are a few folks who are proposing the same idea (blockchain to combat fake news) including the genius behind Wikipedia. But chainblx is the only company that has released details and a real plan as far as I know.


There’s a pretty good business here being a bounty hunter


Bounty Farms


this is correct, we can’t find anything else out there


Regulators in Europe are being much more proactive with new issues like cryptos and Fake News:


There are a few companies that are working on combating fake news.
ChainBLX is the only one that I have seen which plans to use blockchain technology.


will be interesting to see exactly how this will work. makes sense tho


It’s something like this:

The creator of the story and subsequent distribution info will be recorded on the blockchain. An ‘investor’ will back the story with funds as insurance to it’s veracity. Individuals can then seek to debunk the news story and collect a reward.

That’s an overly-simple explanation that leaves out some important info, but that’s the basic idea.


stories vetted by potentially thousands of users, won’t be easy to put false info out there


With the slow extinction of printed news, publishers have been cutting budgets because news is so difficult to monetize. Maybe this will bring back real budgets, and real journalism.


has the double effect of cleaning up fake news and financing real news