News BlockChain for ChainBLX


A great article on how Facebook dances around the fake news issue. I think Zuckerberg is just doing his job and looking after the interests of his company. but I wish we lived in a world where people did the right thing.


And now CNN is saying that there’s a whole Fake News industry in Macedonia gearing up for the 2020 US elections:


Anyone know when chainblx is going to launch the news verifying blockchain concept? I hope it’s before midterms


I don’t know but I saw a presentation from chainblx CEO in LA and he mentioned that a sort of Blockchain News Truth Verifier will be the first feature of their platform to be activated.


thanks @BigDippr I would like to see this in action. If this next election is anything like the last one, there will be some money to be made on the bounties. Even though the people who sponsor fake news undoubtedly have deep pockets, there is nothing to prevent people from proving the stories false.


Looks like there will be money to be made producing fake news, and bounty money to be made by disproving it. Eventually, the producers of fake news will go out of business because if it is constantly disproven, and nobody clicks, then is serves no purpose.


it looks like there are two types of fake news producers:

  1. Individuals just looking to make money off of the clicks, so they just write anything that will make people click (probably the majority).

  2. Organizations or governments who want to sway the public in one direction or the other, and will sponsor the distribution of phony articles.

The first type will be the easiest to stamp out, because if the article is marked fake, people won’t click and there will be no point (as you said). But, the second type will be more difficult because those organizations don’t have a profit motive and they have the expertise and resources to cook up work-arounds.


this is interesting thanks for posting. That’s true that to stamp out fake news we really have to understand what motivates the people who create it, OR maybe we don’t need to understand them at all. It could be the that with blockchain bounty system, the news can be verified and the intentions of the new creator will be irrelevant.


This should work really well in tandem with what Facebook says they are going to do. Adding a bounty as an incentive will really get people involved. It will be VERY difficult to pass off a fake news story as real


I’m just confused: Who decides what is trustworthy?? Who decides what news is worth reporting??


There isn’t a single person who decides this. That is the whole point. With blockchain a huge number of people can come to a consensus. And there is money to be made from bounties for people who are especially motivated


this IS a good issue to raise tho. for example FBook is facing some criticism that it’s fake news screening is based on centralized judgement calls that could bias the process. The chainblx blockchain approach looks to be more credible because it is completely transparent and balanced by thousands of users.


We are seeing a lot of calls for some sort of way to verify news stories, but NOBODY has a real answer. I have to say the chainblx is the only company that has presented a detailed plan on how to employ blockchain tech in tandem with bounties to create a realistic and doable fake news screening product.


This is exactly this issue that Facebook is … facing. As far as I know they are proposing a crowd-sourced new verification process, but it is centralized very susceptible to manipulation. A blockchain solution will be infinitely more trustworthy.


Does anyone know if Facebook’s proposed news verification tool will be on blockchain? From what I gather it’s a crowd-sourcing kind of thing but I haven’t heard that they are doing it like ChainBLX with blockchain and bounties.


From what I have read Facebook will crowd-source new verification but there is no mention of employing blockchain tech to do this, and there is no bounty incentive like ChainBlx’s solution


Is there anyone else with a bounty solution for fake news?


Not that I can find



This is from Forbes. The Facebook fake news tools flags suspicious news stories. It doesn’t appear to be based on blockchain, and there is no bounty incentive for users to do their own research.


without a bounty I don’t see how people will be motivated to spend time researching. If FB pays employees directly to research it, then there is the question of centralization and bias