One day, Block chain Dating information


Imagine if one day a person you are interested in dating someone. You pull up their block chain- and in it, is everyone they have dated, have kissed, or have… well, use your imagination.

The information is then of course verified at each step by the branched block chain, i.e. the other bloke (or gal) verifies whether or not they did or were not in a relationship with that person.

Think it isn’t realistic? Hospitals and urgent care places ask you if you drive a car, if you live in an apartment or house, and what kinda work you do.

Because… it has absolutely nothing to do with your need of care at that moment.


umm… NO! lol


what have you got to hide? :innocent:


a LOT!


Exactly why we need this. Brilliant idea I’d say.


What is this 1955? It works both ways you know?


Oh yeah this would be a great use of blockchain :roll_eyes:


This has great application in Public Health for tracking of STDs! :slight_smile:


It does work both ways, but also keeps both sides honest. There will be those who will not participate in the chain; but not participating also makes you seem like you have something to hide; like people who take off their wedding ring before going to a bar.

Block chaining this is for those who are honest up front. Not 6 months later, or 6 years later.


If this happens I’ll never hook up again :grimacing:


You show me your blockchain and I’ll show you mine