Scalability of BlockChain - CHAInBLX


Good read, glad to read more on what ChainBLX is doing/going to do. Any chance there’s another token giveaway?!?!


IDK we look in to it.


Sooooo, did you decide if there’s another giveaway or no?!


There’s a Very interesting discussion on the ChainBLX scalability solution going on here:

Some pretty brilliant analysis I must say


@y2k Thanks

@karlBLX This seems a good suggestion from the other forum

Not an easy new concept to put across is it so maybe someone will knock up a video and dump it on
you-tube so we can understand how it works as a high lever overview before we get into the nuts and bolts.


paypal files a patent for making cryptocurrency transactions faster

expedited cryptocurrency transaction system


hashgraph revolution


Can there truly be decentralization in blockchain for these companies who are diving into the technology?
I think ChainBLX is doing the right thing in saying that they will use centralized and decentralized chains, it is necessary for their functionality. I think others try too hard to be decentralized. It’s like they want to create their own version of blockchain but still try to be as similar as possible to the Bitcoin blockchain.


Security Settles On Public Ethereum Blockchain
First-Of-A-Kind Transaction On Blockchain


The experiment was necessary, also when it is obvious that a security will settle first using blockchain technology in the after market. in addition the test was run over a decentralized blockchain, but the whole set up of the different parts of the system maid it very centralized and excludes third parties to enter the system. But all in all it was a experiment well done, showing the future potential of blockchain technology.

It shows all the the visibility envisioned by ChainBLX to scale such transaction to create a completely decentralized economy, which will include trading of digitalized stocks, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, options directly with each other, without the additional step to go over a traditional banking system.


I agree that it was a step in the right direction, but the requirement to utilize traditional banking kind of defeats the purpose in my view. Looking forward to seeing if ChainBLX can really do what they say. If they can it will be an earthquake.


i think this nascent technology is in its premature stance and developers all over the world are working persistently to advent a road to damascus for blockchain technology. its kinks are being ironed out by consistently betterment experiments over it. ChainBLX is leveraging blockchain technology innovatively and will unfold inefficiencies in enormous trade-finance system.

Bitcoin mainnet lightning network goes live using off-chain payment channel solution to scale transaction and reduce micro-payments transaction fees. but i think these types of experiments are fall far behind innovation happening on blockchain by ChainBLX because micro-payment transactions all over the world make off-chain again choked and therefore increase in transaction fees.


Here is another ICO trying to do the same thing.

It seems they have trouble to sell the coins.


Not much info about them, any white paper link?


Tzero white paper can be found here:


Seems like there are hundreds of companies like that. But they don’t seem to be presenting innovative solutions for fundamental problems like transaction speed and the enormous amount of clean energy being wasted mining.


It’s a race to see who will be the first to find a solution.


I guess this means transactions are either too slow or too expensive?


Want more coins!


WHats up do we get an airdrop or what?