Scalability of BlockChain - CHAInBLX


No Easter Eggs and airdrop?


f*&^ the easter eggs I just want more tokens :rofl:


Dividing up the jobs seems like a smart way to go about it. Each chain can excel at one thing.


The concept, from what I understand, is to ‘farm out’ certain tasks to subchains that do not have be decentralized by nature. This takes the load off of the main blockchain, which absolutely must be decentralized. This in combination with new algorithms should be what we see in the next generation of cryptos, and the ones that will ultimately be adopted for ordinary use.


Scalability Trilemma = Security, Decentralization, Speed

I have to agree that chainblx’s solution of assigning some mundane tasks to centralized subchains is the best way forward. For some specific tasks, there is no reason to allocate the enormous resources required to spread it all over the internet.


Makes sense but what are the ramifications to anonymity?


Anonymity isn’t linked to these factors.