South Korea Moves to Lift ICO Ban


Good news for our tokens


u mean chainblx tokens? how


He means wider adoption means our tokens will be worth more in the long run


was the last chainblx token giveaway really the last?


yes the 3rd one was the final one


was a nice series of airdrops but I bet that they will have more promotions when things take off


Good to see that South Korea has as much faith in cryptos as North Korea does. :joy:


I wonder if South Korea warming up to Cryptos has anything to do with thawing of relations with the North… is there a correlation there??


No way they have nothing to do with each other. there is no doubt that North Korea is way into cryptos and probably the ultimate whale, but that would not have any influence on the South’s decision to allow ICOs. But you can bet that digital currencies will have a lot to do with the integration of the North and South economically if the current detente continues. As you-know-who would say, “we’ll see”


agree completely. Universal currencies are going to do a lot to bring down confrontational borders and integrate the world economy. In a few hundred years the idea of sovereignty will have seriously evolved


I hope so!


maybe but that is what they said about the Euro and that hasn’t happened. I don’t think countries and cultures will disappear but cryptocurrenies will make things really convenient for transactions that go across national borders.


I would bet anything that without countries buying billions in crypto to get around sanctions the whole crypto currency thing would never have skyrocketed so fast. but hey it worked out for all of us so i hope they keep doing it.


We are going to see a lot more of that in the near future. The irony is that blockchain can prevent funds from being funds from being diverted for unintended uses, but blockchain can also enable it.


I think you’re right about the currencies but it will not affect the sovereignty of nations. Countries’ identities run deep, for centuries, and there is no way borders will come down. But it will be a lot easier to make international transactions with universal crypto currencies. That is going to happen for sure.