State of the Union: Here are the stats on 2017-18 ICOs


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Bottom line is that there are some great ICOs, but watch out and choose carefully.

To summarize (quoted):

• 70% of crypto tokens that didn’t make it to the top 100 currencies on CoinMarketCap fail to meet investors’ expectations, plunging below their initial value.

• At the same time, more than 30 percent of ICOs that were launched in 2017-2018 are not listed on any cryptocurrency exchange. Some developers behind these unlisted tokens even failed to provide the information about the distribution of token supply while raking in over $1 bln.

• Among these tokens, which have almost zero liquidly, there are some big-name projects in the likes of Bancor that raised a whopping $150 mln this February.

• While CoinMarketCap shows that the crypto market is currently valued at $207 mln, Diar states that a lion’s share of this sum is attributed to the top five biggest coins along with stablecoins. The total market cap of nearly 2,000 other coins listed on CMC doesn’t exceed $35 mln.

• Another takeaway from this study is that a big number of ICOs that took place in 2017 are now worth less than $2.2 bln in total.


The era of the s**t coin is probably over. People have wised up.

For a while some people bought everything thinking that if one hit that it would be worth it. Like betting every horse at 1000 to one.


$2.2 bln sounds like a lot to me