State regulators scrambling on blockchain


now its time to state regulators to come on blockchain services. recently a bill allowing corporations to hold and share data on a distributed ledger was officially signed into Arizona state law by Governor Doug Ducey.


Adoption is happening light speed. But it isn’t Bitcoin adoption it is Blockchain adoption


It’s exactly what people are saying on other threads here. Governments are making all kinds of moves regarding Blockchain tech, because they know it’s going to be huge. But they basically ignore BTC because they know it will fail.


Bitcoin put Blockchain on the map but is now slowly fading away from the limelight as blockchain technology becomes more important.
Blockchain will revolutionize industries, meanwhile Bitcoin’s problems are only growing.


In two years the mining reward will be cut in half. I wouldn’t want to own a thousand machines hooked up to a hydro-electric dam when that happens.


you’re getting off the subject here. The point is that Blockchain is being adopted and developed all over the place. It will be as fundamental as binary.


It happened today.