The BIG Question


Do governments (i.e. regulators) want cryptos around? Or do they wish cryptos would disappear?


As long as they get their taxes they don’t give a flying F^&* what we do


I believe they are split.
They want to take part but at the same time they hope it fails. If crypto currencies overtake fiat, then obviously they want to have had a part in it. But also if it fails they can say that they always thought it would and keep business as usual.


exactly, they have no idea what to do so they just say they are studying it and looking at options. I guess a deer in headlights is also looking at its options.




Governments aren’t regulating BTC because they believe it can’t survive.

Don’t get me wrong, crypto currencies are here to stay, but they have to change.




to quote @karlBLX:

"Thus, we would deal with a potential crypto currency:

• Which is Asset backed,
• Which has a steady supply of new coins/token created,
• Which overcomes the scalability issue of Bitcoin,
• Which is decentralized,
• Which reduces mining cost significantly,
• Which created internal use (necessity to own) of the cryptocurrency,
• Which has less volatility therefore can be used for pricing of assets and goods. "


New York attorney general is probing 13 major crypto exchanges.


this is good news. Adoption depends on trust in the platforms that facilitate transactions