Ultimate Guide to Whitepapers



From the Blockgeeks article above:


"They also quizzed various potential investors and found out that:

77% have read at least one whitepaper in the last 6 months as compared to 68% in their 2008 survey.

84% of them rated whitepapers as moderately to extremely influential when making technology-purchasing decisions”


Having read quite a few whitepapers I can tell you that most of them fall into the “you much be joking” category. But when you get a good one you know it right away.


How to Write a White Paper:

maybe this will help


there’s another thread here




@leftfielder some good tips. Going to try bounty hunting after the platform launches.


Anyone know where the info is on how to submit a whitepaper to BLX for consideration?


@cryptonite ChainBLX video about Jan 22 Launch and functionalities


There’s also a Telegram group with updates:


My experience was that you have to put in a lot of time to figure it out in the beginning, but then it starts to be worth it once you get going