Understanding the Scalability Trilemma


This ‘trilemma’ is probably the most fundamental challenge facing upcoming second generation coins. A while back, ChainBLX released their thoughts on scalability here:


“Side chains would be just like what they are called, aside from the blockchain, operating separately and work done in side chains does not directly affect the blockchain until users review and agree to update the blockchain. This means increased speed and lower fees since the majority of the transactions are occurring outside of the blockchain, in the side chains.”

Makes complete sense to me. Why use the whole mill to grind one kernel of corn?


Of course people are concerned about centralization, but some limited centralization for mundane tasks will be accepted I think.


You’re always going to have some people who say everything has to be decentralized. But eventually they will realize it is not realistic or needed.


It might take a while for people to come around on the idea of centralization. Kind of goes against the grain of cryptocurrencies. But some trust is probably possible by mainstream users.


There is some trust inherent to using any platform that facilitates transactions, so the question is:
What type of processes will users generally trust to be centralized as a subchain?


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