Walmart files patent for smart shipping


A new patent filing finds retail giant Walmart seeking to utilize blockchain technology to perfect a smarter package delivery tracking system.

In an application released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday, Walmart describes a “smart package” that would include a device which would record information on a blockchain regarding the contents of the package, its environmental conditions, its location and more. It also suggests that its smart package could be used in tandem with other emerging technologies including “autonomous vehicles,” such as drones.


Blockchain here, blockchain there, blockchain everywhere!


It will be interesting to see how they use the blockchain tech, not just Walmart but other businesses that are trying to use it as well.


@cryptokeeper Blockchain is disrupting almost every aspect of businesses. Blockchain is actually a technology for smart deals and every business involves various deals.
@junior It will be really interesting to see deployment of Blockchain to different businesses. flexibility of blockchain regarding smart information transactions attracts almost every business.


Environmental monitoring during transport would be useful for perishable goods like medication/immunization/etc.


Indeed, I want to see how different businesses try to use blockchain for their specific need. Just how ChainBLX is creating their vision, innovating, I want to see more businesses push the envelope in the progression of blockchain technology.