Welcome to Blockchain Browser 'Brave'



Ethereum-based browser blocks ads and compensates content publishers in crypto.





Looks like it is really taking off. I downloaded it and it really is faster than Firefox or Chrome. The only problem is that it crashes when I try to import my browser data.


The good news:
Brave works really well. It is the fastest browser I’ve ever used. And it blocks literally ALL ads. Surfing the web is much more efficient and enjoyable.

The bad news:
After using it for a while, I started to feel guilty. Seriously.
The browser facilitates people taking other’s intellectual property (website content) without paying for it (by being exposed to ads). This browser could kill thousands of sites. And those sites are provided by people with families.

Great browser, but the concept is just not right.


This might be technically true but I think the browser will still be a hit.


same thing happened to me



New version coming out. The previous was beta and a bit buggy