What will you be using


don’t be surprised if financial institutions take notice. Agile startups frequently, or even usually, create more innovative products than the big companies are able to do in-house.


agreed, we have seen this time and time again


The list at the top of this post is a pretty comprehensive summary of what ChainBLX has in mind. It will be interesting to see if they will have all of these features on day one, or if like most companies they will add capabilities as they go along. For me it’s all about the back and forth between digital currency and digital stocks, that will be super useful


The buying and selling of stocks within a crypto ecosystem is extrememly interesting. Looking forward to learning more about this


It’s cool but why would I want to buy stocks that return 10% annually if I’m lucky. Crypto returns 10% in a day.


Vegas is better. Returns 10000% per day or more.