Your Predictions for 2019


What do you think will happen with Bitcoin and cryptos in general in 2019? Let’s make a thread of predictions. Will be fun to check this in a year to see who was right.

My predictions:
• Bitcoin will hover around the $3500 level the entire year, and still be there a year from now.
• A new generation of Alt coins will emerge, with innovations that make them practical as an every-day currency
• Serious regulatory crack-downs in the US will clean up the ICO and crap-coin scene
• Everyone will be talking about tokenized securities. This will be the ‘next bit thing’


BTC will level off at $60

Agree but BTC will level off at $6000.
And tokenized securities will be the only thing people are talking about a year from now


We will see the first Bitcoin ETF approved in the US


The market is always right. 2019 is going to be a boring year while the market fixes the wiring and plumbing. Nothing fancy, just fundamentals. By the end of 2019 we are going to start seeing signs of what a mature crypto market will look like for the coming years.


I think you’re right in that we will have a clearer picture of how cryptos will be positioned among other securities. But the crash in price will continue.


along with self-regulation, which is the only regulation that will work


Institutional money will change the landscape in good and bad ways.
Good: legitimization, stabilization
Bad: decentralization, crypto losing its original purpose